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UX Magazine – AI Bots and User Research: Adapting Our Methods

Over the years, I’ve heard the same question again and again each time a new type of consumer technology starts trending and becoming part of popular culture: “So,” someone asks, “how is this going to change how you do user research?” I heard this question ...

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Announcing the UX Careers Book Project (Come join me!)

I am excited to announce the kickoff of one of my most intriguing adventures yet: writing a book on UX careers for Focal Press! While there are plenty of career books and plenty of UX methods books on the market, there is no one comprehensive ...

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UX Magazine – Go Ahead, White-Label Your Services

While “white-labeling” has been associated most commonly with limited-edition musical recordings, it has also come to refer to a situation where a product or service is provided to a company and that company then sells that product or service under their own brand. For a ...

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UX Magazine – The Hidden Value of UX Connectors and the Future of Our Community

I was in Austin, Texas recently and, following the rules of UX Adventure, I took the opportunity to coordinate with some Austin UXers to meet at a local bar. On the day of the meetup, I checked my Twitter account and noticed that our rendezvous ...

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Quirk’s Marketing Research Media – What Qualitative and UX Researchers Can Learn From Each Other

Article Abstract: This article focuses on how user experience research is unique in the marketing research space and why qualitative researchers must understand the differences to succeed in usability testing. While both marketing research and user experience (UX) research certainly add commercial value, marketing research ...

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UXmatters – Lessons from Disaster Research

When the life-threatening catastrophe Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeastern United States, proper disaster preparedness and disaster response and the subsequent recovery all depended on people having a good user experience with Web and mobile information resources. These resources provided information that helped people to prepare ...

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UX Magazine – These Are My People: The Value in UX Organizations

While at the User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA) International conference last month in Washington, D.C., I spent a lot of time talking with attendees. I heard all sort of interesting things there, but one simple comment resonated with me: as an attendee looked around the ...

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Intercom Magazine – Making Usability a Priority: Advocating for the Value of User Research

As a consultant specializing in user research, studying how users interact with Web and mobile resources, I wish I could give my clients a short contract to sign promising that if they work with me, they will definitely incorporate usability into their project. They will ...

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