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Getting close! A UX Careers Handbook Update

Although I announced that I was writing a UX Careers Handbook in mid-December 2014, it wasn’t until mid-January that I actually started putting the virtual pen to paper and writing the book. I’m excited to say that two weeks ago—five months and 82,000 words later—I ...

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Announcing the UX Careers Book Project (Come join me!)

I am excited to announce the kickoff of one of my most intriguing adventures yet: writing a book on UX careers for Focal Press! While there are plenty of career books and plenty of UX methods books on the market, there is no one comprehensive ...

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DC Usability

My earliest memories of loving to write were as a 6th grader, deciding one nice spring day to sit alone under a tree during recess and write a short story that I had been contemplating.  I was so wrapped up in penning my story into ...

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