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Recording for Learning: My lessons learned & a glimpse behind the scenes

Right at the anniversary of my first / LinkedIn Learning course, I had the opportunity to head out once again to sunny Carpinteria, California. I got to record two new courses, both focused on a topic near to my heart - being a freelancer! ...

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Get out there to advance your career + real networking: a winning combination

In early November 2010, I was finishing up my first year as the president of the UXPA DC chapter and was in San Antonio on a separate user research project with the then UXPA DC VP, Jen Romano Bergstrom.  One evening, after the research had ...

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The Mash-It-Up Expert Review: Training and Analysis Combined

Up until recently, if a client wanted a heuristic or "expert" review, I would frequently offer a nicely formatted Word report, organized by general topic area, including a description of each issue, screen shots and recommendation call-outs. Simultaneously, I have also conducted many training sessions ...

By |2020-12-04T09:08:40-05:00December 3rd, 2013|Heuristic/Expert Review, Speaking, Training|

Ignite Talks, Jello and Flexibility in User Research: UXPA 2013

At the UXPA 2013 conference that took place three weeks ago here in DC, I got to do my first Ignite talk thanks to Jonathan Strohl and Jen Romano Bergstrom who pulled me into a Fors Marsh led session on research methods. What is Ignite? ...

By |2020-12-04T09:08:41-05:00July 30th, 2013|Speaking, User Research, UXPA|

How many trainers does it take to do UX training?

I’ve been teaching usability training workshops for a number of years now, and I invariably prefer a team-teaching approach. However, I was challenged on that principle lately. A client asked why I would suggest two trainers, when I, as a single trainer, should be capable ...

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