Engage with us: It goes without saying that we at UXPA want to engage with you – to engage at an international level, and, wherever our chapters exist, at a chapter level as well. Both UXPA International and our UXPA chapters have a lot to offer you – conferences, events, learning, networking, and a special opportunity that lets you connect with a community of intelligent, involved and connected UX practitioners both locally and around the globe.

But don’t stop there. If you’re already involved with UXPA, don’t limit yourself to UXPA events. Don’t limit yourselves to a single affiliation. Whereas, perhaps, political parties may be mutually exclusive, UX organizational affiliation is not. Connecting not only with UXPA but with other organizations as well will provide you with more speakers to learn from, more events to attend, and a larger, more diverse UX network.

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